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2005 Acura TSX rattling noise?

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Hi all,

I have TSX 2005 about 120,000 miles on it and my car is making loud noise coming from somewhere near serpentine belt side (I suspect).
I replaced serpentine belt but nothing changed.

Please see my youtube video

Anyone of you having or had this noise issue?

If so, please let me know what could this be and how to fix.

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Get a stethoscope they are not expensive and that way you can pin point the noise more accurately. Sounds like it could be a belt tensioner pulley( the bearing in it going bad).
I had a similar issue, i think the part was like 80 and labor was like 1 hr. My was vibrating and shaking left and right when you're facing it. I would get a second opinion
definetely one of the bearinsg in either the tensioner or water pump...

you cant replace only the bearing.......the whole part will have to be replaced.
Thank you all. I went to Acura Service center and they said it is Water pump that need to be replaced along with drive belt and antifreeze and will cost $563 + tax... :(
Thank you all. I went to Acura Service center and they said it is Water pump that need to be replaced along with drive belt and antifreeze and will cost $563 + tax... :(
the water pump is like $103 from
the drive belt about $44 (honda oem) could use another brand too if you want since its just a biggie
water pump gaskets runs about $5
Plus whatever the coolant bottles cost and labor.
Soo parts alone is maybe $210-220ish (i added some $ to compensate for shipping).

I would go to a indy mechanic if i were you since its a simple job that even the crappiest mechanic should be able to do no problem.
563 is steep

I JUST got my tensioner, belt, and alternator replaced like 2 days ago for about 550....all oem honda parts......and the alternator costs like $170 more than a water pump
any why are they suggesting a belt replacement if you just changed it???????????
Thank you all for your message. I actually let the Acura Service Center in my town fix my car and now it is running great without any rattling noise. Parts were around $250 and labor was around $260 (higher than parts!! always does..) so the total with the tax was like $545.00. It seemed like they did not charge for diagnostic (which was around $60.00) but if I didn't fix it there they probably did...

Yea, I actually did change my serpentine belt on my own DYI for the first time but when I DYI that earlier this week, it was kind of dark outside so I might have not installed it correctly because when I drove to test to see if car is running ok, I heard some other noise inside the engine bay so I popped my hood and found that my new serpentine belt that I installed got shredded a little bit on the side..:( so on the next day, I tried to figure it out why...and finally fixed it (belt wasn't aligned correctly on the bottom left pulley thing) so its belt wasn't no longer moving to the left side when started my car so no longer shredded.
However, since I had the same belt on my car (that got shredded on the side), I think Acura Service center recommended me them to change it...wasted money there but oh well.. :(
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