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As some as you know, I had a 2005 Acura TSX manual with NAV. I loved that car to death. unfortunately on August 30th 2012 at 11:30 I got in a car crash. I only had the car for 3 months!

So this is what happend. I was driving on 208th in Redmond, Washington. I was going up a curvy hill. A truck that was coming down the hill got in my lane. So I move a small bit to the right to ovoid getting smashed by moving truck. But when I moved the right, my car hit a bunch of rocks while I downshifted (was going to slow for 4th gear). It moved to the right more after the shift and got caught between the drop off of the road and dirt. It then spun 180 and went into a ditch on the oncoming side.

Luckily I didn't hit anybody and nobody was involved. I didn't get any tickets and nothing happend to my record.

I am very thankful that i got out of the accident with only some bruises and a little internal bleeding (seat belt rash sucks).

Unfortunately my car is totaled ;(
My car killed it self saving me.

I brought it to an acura certified body shop, they did an estimate for $17,000! I walked out of the dealer paying $15,000. I am still waiting for the insurance company to give me a quote for how much they will buy my car for.

Here are some pictures:

Following the toe truck to a body shop only 5 min away from the crash

I took care of the car before going to the hospital :)

So I am now in the market for a 2005 to 2009 Acura TSX Manual with nav. I live in Washington. Please let me know if you or somebody you know is selling a TSX. I am willing to go to Oregon and California to get a good one!

Thanks for reading this long post.

I am going to be a safer driver after this.
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