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Hey guys, all these items have been sitting around my house for some time now and im just tired of looking at them so im going to sell them dirt cheap. All of these items are fully shipable upon buyers expense. If you want to make a different offer then the posted price just PM me!

EDIT- get this stuff away from me! haha

First up are a pair of OEM 2005 Headlight Lenses
They were used for 105k Miles so a few minor scratches here and there. These are just the lenses, no HID, bulbs, etc.
Asking SOLD

Next up we have some Ebay Smoked Foglights,
Both lenses are cracked due to rocks but dont collect condensation. Still fully functional. I have the complete wiring kit and hardware except the switch that turns them on or off.
Asking $20 shipped (if reasonable)

I really hate looking at this one...
2005 OEM catback exhaust
Used for 105k Miles, only removed because i got aftermarket.
100% functional, no holes or major dents.
Asking $100 +shipping

And finally we have a few little things here,
Ebay JDM red front "H" badge, few minor flaws up close
$10 +shipping

OEM Rear "A" badge, perfect condition
$10 +shipping

10" Accord Euro R Decals
"Accord Euro" is in red, "R" is black.
$10 shipped

OEM Front License Plate Holder
All tabs in place, 100% functional

Once again if you want to make any offers just PM me and ill get back to you fairly quick. These are all located in Washington State. Thanks for looking!!

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