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I live in Toronto.

1) I'm looking to add an amp and sub into my TSX.

From Best/buy future shop, it's gonna cost around $1000-$1200 (depending on which subs and amp I choose), using either a stinger SVEN2 or something similar tapped into one of the 6x9s (monoblock amp).

Does anyone know somewhere that will do good work that will do it for less? I plan on getting some parts (wiring kit, SVEN, maybe the amp) from ebay to reduce the price.

2) I was wondering if anyone knows how to play dvds on the nav screen in a 2005 tsx using a dvd player hooked up somewhere in the car (or an x-box or whatever) without having to cut wires. And is there anyway to have the sound playing through the factory speakers (other than using an FM transmitter).

3) Is there anywhere to get the I-linc or a similar product for cheaper? I don't like FM-transmitters!
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