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I've got a 2005 TSX (non-NAV) with the Acura Multimedia player installed (done at the dealer years ago). I haven't seen too many people that ever got the multimedia player add-on (I got it installed free in my car as part of a deal when we leased a newer TSX), so I'm not sure if my situation might be a little different than the usual owner.

Like most of the people I've seen post here, I want some sort of iPhone/Bluetooth integration. Most of the information I've seen on various forums is for (what I consider) DIY kits like iSimple, etc ... rather than just an actual OEM unit with those features.

Does anyone know if it's possible (since I already have the cables and housing for the multimedia player) to essentially just replace the actual multimedia player unit with an aftermarket unit that would have the inputs and features I'm looking for??? (more or less unplug it from the back and replace it with a new unit??)

And if so, is this something that would be covered under a standard install (say at Best Buy,etc ...) I'm not really all that handy when it comes to installations, and wouldn't want to attempt something like this myself. But I'm just wondering if it's possible.

Thanks for any info!
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