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2006 FULL Navigation Swap. (Radio, DVD drive, antenna, DVD, FULL WIRE HARNESS)

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Forum members, I have up for sale a FULL, yes I said FULL 2006 Navigation swap. Parts include the following:

Navigation display with 6CD changer
Navigation DVD drive
Clock display
Voice command buttons and

I actually just purchased this from VinVestors (thanks Dave). I tested the drive and display and it works 100%. Why may you guys ask am I selling it? I am actually going to go forward with working on something else for my car. (Also, since I sold my Legend recently, I don't have a secondary car at my disposal to drive while the install is done.) Pricewise, I'll put it like this, I paid a tad bit under $1k for everything. I'd only like to get my money back. In my opinion, it was a super deal as the same setup Russian Euro_R just had FS the asking price was $1500OBO and that sold after all of the components were out. Again, I have already tested the display, drive, and clock. All you need to do is wire your car up. Interested parties can text me at 2017252663 instead of sending PM's since I will be able to respond that way quicker. I will not break this up and sell parts individually. Local pickup is welcome as well to save on shipping. Those of you who know me the short time on the forum know that I am a legit person to deal with. The obligatory pictures will be posted tomorrow as I am at work right now creating this thread.
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I'll vouch. Great deal! I did just sell my setup for around 1500 so this is a great buy for someone!
How difficult is it actually to swap everything over?
Its pretty simple. I converted mine over. You need to tap into the VSS wire, a wire on the steering wheel and 1 or 2 others.
I found someone who sold a PNP harness for the navigation system. Its very straightforward in terms of plugging everything in, the only other bit was tapping into existing wires on the harness.

I must've lucked out on my navi setup, I paid about 700 for everything installed :eek:
oh doesnt seem so difficult ...thinking between this or some new wheels uhhh
interested in this but i don't know anyone that wouLd do the swapping for me. i have no eLectricaL background :(
oh doesnt seem so difficult ...thinking between this or some new wheels uhhh
Wheels you have to buy tires for. A constant expense too. Navigation you spend for once (unless you constantly update your disc). A better buy
IMO. Pics will be up tomorrow. (I will try to post some tonight when I get home.)
Wtf you allready selling it... Lol
This has been SOLD to agentphan007. Thank you moderators for not deleting my thread. Just been SUPER busy with work.
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