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2006 jdm used parts

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Parting out 2006 parts . All in used good condition. My prices are firm and do not include shipping . Members from NY/NJ can vouch for my parts . You can contact me at 2013442358 for more details.

1. Valve cover ( blue pearl ) $100 obo . Has some areas that has minor chips but won't be visible . The only visible would be the one to the corner.

4. JDM euro-r front lip ( carbon grey pearl ) $450 no shipping . South florida local only

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Bump... no waiting months for jdm parts..
Headlight pending..... Bump
bump for a good friend.. good parts too..
Added buddy club radiator cap
:toocool:that front lip so close to me ugh
Added buddy club radiator cap
That was suposse to be mine :mecry:
Lets go stoptech bbk still available .... $900 ...
Jdm headlights sold ....
Stoptech bbk, vc, front lip still available... Lets go need this gone...
Bump...... I will update picture for vc so the real color can be shown outside
To all those who interested in the front lip I'm only selling localy . I Don't have a box to ship it in... south florida only .
Stoptech bbk is pending.... Front lip still available ...
bbk SOLD
Ok people only thing I have left if jdm authentic front lip.... get it while it's hot... Also have painted vc in blue with pearl in it.... Bumppppppppp
1 - 20 of 95 Posts
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