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A quick history on my car:
So last year I've got my 2006 TSX 6MT from a Dodge Dealership in rural Texas as a cash car. Someone before me did some work on the head but reused the same chain, tensioner, guides, head gasket, and stretched head bolts. So about two months after I bought the car the chain snapped and it sat in my garage through Christmas getting all those parts that should have been replaced... well... replaced.

So fast forward another 9 months and I've got my car in the garage again... but this time for some upgrades.

Mods prior to this build:
2006 TSX 6MT
Skunk2 Intake Manifold
MDX Throttle Body
RDX Injectors
Cold air intake
50* VTC Cam Gear
Hondata IM and TB Gasket
Cometic Head Gasket
Headers with test pipe
2.5" Single Outlet Exhaust
Flowmaster 40 Muffler
Vibrant Resonator
XTD Stage 2 Clutch
Lightened Flywheel
Synchrotech Carbon-Lined Synchros
'07 AT ECU
Ktuner V2

I ended up getting a new DD from my work (promotion came with a car) so I have some spare time to build it for boost

Current list of mods going in right now:
Nippon Racing Pistons (stock compression)
Brian Crower Lightweight Rods with ARP Bolts
ACL Bearings
750cc Injectors
Walbro 255 fuel pump
Cometic Head Gasket
ARP Head Studs
Traction Concepts LSD Conversion Brick
CXRacing Turbo Kit with Intercooler Piping
XTD Stage 4 6-Puck Clutch

So let me get this off my chest first......
This is meant for fun, not for competition.
I'm not a professional mechanic.
I'm not a mechanic at all.
I'm probably a share tree mechanic at best.
I'm an IT Professional and this is a hobby. (My motto is "you can only fix a laptop with a hammer... once)
Yes... I'm using a chinesium ebay turbo kit. It's not a Garrett, Borg Warner, or name brand kit.
Yes... I'm running an LSD "conversion" brick. Not an actual LSD.
No... I do not have a lift. I'm doing this in my home garage and... surprisingly enough that my wife hasn't killed me yet... my home office / craft room.

That being said...

My goal is 300whp. It's going to be plenty for me and "should" be fairly safe given I'm building the bottom end.

Boost is going to be set relatively low at 8 psi through an external wastegate. The guys at Ktuner said the factory MAP is good for 10.5 psi so that gives me about 2 psi for boost creep. The turbo specs says it can take up to 20psi but we all take that with a grain of salt. I figure hitting that at less than half should make it last longer than at 12 or 15 psi. Again... chinesium turbo.

I'm not building the head right now due to funds. I figure I can build the head later because i won't have to pull the engine... again.

Ktuner currently doesn't offer boost map tuning on the TSX using either their ECU or the 07-08 ecu. I ended up chatting with them and they were on board with doing some testing with my car to add that feature. I like the Ktuner team and my forum posts on their site are always responded to quickly. I can't say anything about Hondata personally but I'm glad the Ktuner team took me up on my offer for testing.

I had a shop push in new synchros for gears 1 and 2. I had 3 through 6 already done but 1 and 2 are on the main shaft and have to be pressed out. I took the shaft to a transmission shop in town with $200 cash and they pushed in the new synchros. They're from Synchrotech and they're the Carbon Lined series that go into a Civic SI.

An REAL LSD would have been nice but I did some research with the people over at Traction Concepts and they seem pretty confident in the LSD conversion brick they have. It took $80 cash at a machine shop to grind off about 1/2 an inch from all four diff gears but it's in there now. I don't plan on launching hard (well, hard enough to break the diff pin) but it should let me spin both tires at the same time instead of just one tire. Ha ha.

In going for the whole "sleeper" theme... I'm leaving the stock ride height and rims the same. Except for maybe a sticker or two (and the obvious FMIC) it should look pretty much like an Acura badged Accord.

Enough words... here are some pictures.

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Engine Disassembly

Empty Engine Bay

Engine Out!

Head Removed

Transmission ready for disassembly

Tranmission stacks are out

Soaking the head in Simple Green

All clean!

Bets $15 I've spent on eBay in a while. A box of misc bolts from an RSX

Bought 17 10mm sockets for $10 cash at my local pawn shop

Pistons and rods assembled. And yes... that's my living room

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More pics

Diff with the conversion brick installed

Block all clean (and in my home office / craft room). Not in picture... my semi-angry wife.

My mechanic in training helping me spin the crank while installing pistons

Front bumper off

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Sounds like a fun project! How did it go/function? About to take the plunge myself so any info would be appreciated. After I boost moving to AWD via Drag Cartel diff mount housing kit.

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I have an 06 6 speed and flashpro...Did you have a fully populated can adapter with no free slots and 1 single yellow wire on the can harness topmost and rightmost position?
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