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SOLD os of 6-15-19

2006 Acura TSX Six Speed Manual - $8500

Purchased 2/22/2017 with 69668 miles

As of 5/28/2019 it has 89814 miles

I'm the third owner.

It's parked inside and withdrawn from use and on a float charger.
Detailed and given a fresh oil change with Mobile 1 5W30 and an OEM Filter

All work was done by myself or Agile Automotive in Forest Hill

AC Blows cold, no issues. Clean title.

Thread with a ton of photos and details on the car:

I have some records from the previous owner. Front compliance bushings have been done.

The following was done in 2017 with 70k. All records included.

Upon purchased, full paint and interior detail, 35% tint.
Headlight restoration with X-Pel headlight protection
All fluids (coolant, trans, brake, steering)
Plugs, air, and cabin filter.
Advanced Auto battery
Koni Struts
Eibach Pro-Kit
Front and rear fenders professionally rolled.
Evolution MR BBS 17x8 e38 wheels with 235/45/17 Michelin A/S 3+
Ryhdeen back-up camera
OEM Acura mudflaps
Acura RL Calipers
All new pads/rotors.
BlackVue 650 two channel dashcam
Blendmount Radar mount with hardwire (will not come with radar detector)
Bluetooth audio adapter
WeatherTech front mats
All weather OEM Trunk mat
New OEM Denso up and downstream O2 sensor
New Catalytic converter
New OEM DVD Drive for Navigation unit
New OEM Clutch master cylinder

Done in Winter 2018 at around 80k
New Power Steering Pump
New serpentine belt

Around 84k
Hardrace rear camber arms
PDR - removed all dings


One side of the car has been repainted, its a clean job, motorcycle scraped along the side of the car while parked under the previous owner. The car needs a professional polish and the rear bumper has some scrapes. It's a 13-year-old car and spent time in DC. I had all the dings removed but there is one by the trunk.

The navigation doesn't work. The drive replacement helped boot-up times but the nav is out of date and still doesn't follow your movement on the screen.
Occasionally the screen won't turn on with the back-up camera. Maybe 1 in 5 times. No idea why replacing the drive helped with this but its still an issue.

There is some vibration around 65-70 due to the axles, they are the original OEM axles, boots are fine. Vibration is pretty mild, a common issue with these cars.

The driver side power steering boot is greasy, its been this way for the last 10k miles, no leaking what-so-ever.

The OEM wheels don't fit over the front calipers. OEM wheels are in good shape with lots of tread on tires. Current tires have at least another 15-20k worth of mileage in them.

I no longer have the OEM suspension

One fog light has a crack, never got around to replacing it.

I put 20k on the car with no issues, its never left me stranded or ever even had a hiccup.

The engine has never been modified/tuned. It was kept maintained and in stock form. Routinely get 31-32 MPG highway. Transmission shifts beautifully, no pops or grinds.

Selling because I want to go down to one car, insurance on two cars is hateful.
I'm in no rush, however, it can't sit in my garage for as long as it needs, if I find a higher paying job anytime soon I'm just going to keep it as a back-up car.

PM me here and I'll give a phone number and/or email.

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Yea, I am very conflicted about selling. I’m bad about not keeping cars super long. This is a tremendously good car, best manual transmission I’ve ever owned by far.

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No, they are sitting on the beams up high in my garage, I'll either sell separately or see if the buyer wants them for a deal.

All the photos in my thread are accurate as far as condition. If someone is interested I could take some photos of whatever angles they want.

It is sad to see it go, it's been a great car, it served me well when I had to go to MS then FL for training. It really needs a professional polish but otherwise is in damn good shape for its age. If it was worth a bit less I'd give it to my stepson, but (with his attitude) I'm not handing down a car of this value and rarity.

Here she sits in storage mode.

Also of note, it has the black interior, which is supposed to be rare for the blue exterior color.

I am digging the platform change, manual Golf R is a little beast.

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