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2007 TSX ECU for engine swap

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I have a 2007 TSX and am putting the drivetrain and wiring harness in another car. Hondata says they offer nothing for it as far as ECU programming for engine swaps.
Basically, I just need a good stand alone ECU. What are some good recommendations for it?
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I don't think anyone on this forum has done anything like that... You will likely have better luck at
Tons of folks have swapped K20's and K24's into older Honda's which is the info you need with respect to stand alone EFI engine support.

To keep the original TSX ECU and harness is going to be a challenge.
How much of the original harness will you need for the TSX ECU to run the engine?

Does the ECU need the TSX power mgmnt system to run? Does it need the dash cluster to run?
What about the immobilizer system? TPMS? VSA? ABS?
Hopefully it will be a manual transmission.

Is there anyone that can disable these systems in the TSX ECU firmware? Perhaps Little Bo or someone similar?
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