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I think JBarnes is just referring to the worst thing on the 1st Gen TSX. The terrible drive by wire throttle (DBW) response.
A search on DBW on this forum will bring up a ton of similar threads.

At times the throttle just doesn't respond at all. Our 2006 TSX has done this since we got it. They all do it.
I'm sure the auto trans TSX's do it also, but I think that with the auto trans you don't notice it as much.
If you pull off the air intake hose and watch the throttle blade with the engine off, key on. The throttle blade seems to react perfectly with the throttle pedal.

The ECU is closely monitoring the DBW so if you don't have any DTC's, you most likely don't have a DBW hardware issue.

The Hondata Reflash on our TSX made zero difference. I drove a 2007 TSX manual trans TSX with Hondata FlashPro but the DBW still felt terrible to me. This was many years ago.

If Hondata could fix the DBW issue, I would buy a 2007-08 ECU and FlashPro in a minute.
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