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Due to leaks, which I have not yet resolved, I needed to remove my A-pillar garnish and drop the headliner. I reviewed several posts and YouTube videos explaining how to do this and would like to post a clarification.

Several sources stated that the upper A-pillar garnish fastener must be broken in order to remove the garnish. The fastener, part number 91561-TA0-A11, must be replaced after destroying it in the removal process when you replace the garnish. This is not true.

The upper garnish fastener has three positions: unlocked, locked and removal. When the garnish is in place, installed, the fastener is in the middle position or locked. To remove the garnish, you need to give it a good whack just below the air bag label on the garnish. A thump with your fist is sufficient. You do not need to hit the garnish with a hammer. This moves the fastener into position three, removal. With the door trim removed, you can reach in with a flat blade screwdriver and pry the fastener out of its hole in the A-pillar. The second, lower fastener is just a standard door-type and you can pop it right off. Pull up on the garnish and it will come out of the dashboard and it is removed.

Before you go to reinstall the garnish you will need to move the fastener back to the unlocked position. To do this, use a medium, flat-blade screwdriver and your thumbnail or a second small screwdriver. There are four “fingers” that surround the central pin of the fastener. You will need to carefully pull the “fingers” out and pry the inner pin back with the screwdriver. The first set, which moves the pin to the locked position is somewhat difficult. The second set, which moves the pin to the unlocked position is easy – you can just pull it out. (Or, you can spend $4.00 and purchase a new fastener from your Acura or Honda dealer.)

With this done, you can install the fastener back onto the garnish and install it on the A-pillar. A light tap on the place where the fastener is will move it to the locked position and secure the garnish.

Now, if I could just figure out where the leak is coming from. With the headliner dropped, I ran a hose over the sunroof and windshield of the car for over an hour and not a drop came in. Nothing even got wet. Guess I’ll leave it all apart and wait for a rainy day and see if I can re-create the leak I have been having.
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