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Hello Everyone, I just replaced my Rear Wheel Bearings on my 2009 TSX with Tech Package. The symptoms: The rear would make a loud whining sound that would get louder as speed increased. Car also vibrated when stopping at high speeds. I got both Bearings from Amazon at a great price ($100 for the pair). I have the link below. The job took about 2 hours for both sides. First side took longer due to gathering of tools.

1. Here is the Hub Bearing Assembly i received from Amazon

2. First Step is to Jack up the car, take off the wheel of which ever side you will be working on. Here is my car with the wheel off. Once off, make sure to use WD-40 lubricant to spray all the bolts mentioned in this post. This will let it soak in while you are performing the next steps

3. Next, we have to take off these small safety screws that hold the rotor in place in case of emergencies. These can be extremely hard to take off if you have never changed your rotors. I replaced by brakes and rotors last year which was when i had the issue with these screws. But for this job, they came off pretty easy for me since i had added lube to them. If you do give you trouble, try these solutions:

- Get a screwdriver and hit with the back with a hammer into the screw, all while turning the screw driver. Kind of like impacting the rust that might be in there.
- Get an impact screw driver, which does pretty much the same as the above. This didnt work for me because the rust was pretty bad.
- Get a small point chisel bit and create a groove into the edge of the screw using a hammer. This groove can be used as leverage as you bang into it towards the open direction. (this was the method that worked for me and you can see the small groove in the screw.

4. Next, remove the 2 bolts for the brake caliper and take out brakes.

5. Remove Brake Caliper Bracket Bolts and remove Rotor. You might have to use hammer to get the rotors off.

6. Now we have the bearing bolts left and that is it. There are 4 bolts and it is pretty clear where they are located. They can be tough to reach so i recommend a long socket wrench that is heavy duty. You can hit the wrench with a hammer to unscrew but be careful (my method).

7. Once out, you slide your new hub bearing assembly and tap it in with a hammer. Here is a picture with the new bearing installed

8. Thats it! Put everything back and enjoy your smooth quiet ride! Thank you for reading and hope this helps some people. Write a comment if you have any questions or concerns. Good luck!

Link for the Parts: Dura International 29512353 Rear Hub Assembly: Automotive
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