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Hey guys. Dropped the car off this morning at the Acura Dealership for a 200k mile check-up. Took her in originally because the A/C stopped blowing cold and wanted to get that checked out before it started warming up. Dealership suggesting a UV dye mixed into the freon to see if/where it's leaking, and also a coolant flush.

Decided to have a full inspection done in the process.

They found:

PS Pump is leaking slightly
Driver front strut is leaking
Dent in the oil pan

They are doing the freon and the coolant flush now, but I plan to do the rest myself. Got a few questions:

1.) Is the PS Pump rebuildable? They quoted $900 for a new replacement installed. I looked up on and found it for $515 plus $30 shipping, but they also had rebuild components listed. Would definitely be cheaper...

2.) What struts would you recommend? I figure I might as well replace both, and AOP has them for $115 each plus $20 shipping together. I can get Monroe's for ~$60 each locally.

3.) I don't remember seeing a dent last time I changed the oil, or even recalling when one would have happened. Depending on where it is, is this detrimental to the pick-up of oil for the engine?

Appreciate all feedback. Been a great car and not in the market to buy another just yet.
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