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Good morning!

My 2010 was in a fender bender not too long ago that necessitated a replacement of my front bumper and driver's side headlight. The body shop did great work but left the headlights misaligned. I've looked on Youtube and found a video that shows aligning the headlights is rather easy. However, the car in the video has a different setup than mine. I'll attach the video link.

The links below show the incorrect alignment along with some shots of the actual headlight assembly and the surrounding area.

Headlight Alignment:

Top of headlight assembly:

Another shot of the top. There are two silver bolts underneath those two protrusions above the U/D markings.

Shot behind the headlight:

Where is the actual vertical adjustment point? Is it one of the silver bolts underneath that plastic cover in the second-to-last picture or is it somewhere else? I'm assuming the gear shaped device in the lower right of the last picture is the horizontal control.

I would appreciate any help that you guys can provide.

Thanks in advance!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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