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2010 tsx k24z3 auto

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Going turbo on this premium tsx hopping to hit 600hp what do you guys think ?
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Plz don't
I've had these thoughts too, I know its tempting... you'll destroy your trans lulz
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Lol sounds like you've done it bud explain ? Super tempting bro ..
Well, I haven't done it on my tsx, but since I do miss my Focus St, I'd like to get back the boost feeling you know~ then I had an r18 civic and I also looked into boosting it. Sad results, piston rings and engine internals aren't made for such pressure. If I'm correct, Ericthecarguy mentioned that k24z3 -200hp- are relatively higher in pressure compared to, let's say, mazda 3 2.5L skyactiv engine -180hp-. I wouldn't recommend boosting it unless you really wanna invest the 4 to 6k^^ rings will be damaged over time if you dont change some internals
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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