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Instagram: MeMiyagiNguyen
Catch me showing my car at StanceNation Texas on June29th!

Function and Form T1s, Aspec front lip, Mugen rep grille

Aspec front lip
Purple MB Battles with sparkles 18x9.5 +15 215/35 all around
work extended lug nuts

Dark Mocha Pearl paint
aspec front lip, euro r grille, depo headlights
SRS exhaust
18x10 +25 xxr 521 215/40

Currently. (2014)
RESPRAY Dark Mocha Pearl paint job
Full "rep" mugen kit 06-08 front 04-05 side and rear
Euro R grill, DEPO headlights , Spoon rep trunk lip, window visors
Honda Type S/Executive grill
enkei nt03 18x9.5 +27 all around 215/40F 225/40R
SRS exhaust, drill slotted rotors, ebay strut bar
Powder coated strut bar, valve cover. (seafoam green)
Ktuned sparkplug cover, cusco battery tie down
Ebay Short ram intake, sick speed oil cap, neo chrome spikes

Decided to put on the girlfriends wheels!
Varresteon ES2 19x9.5 +? 225/40F 245/40R

A friend let me borrow his copper VSXX for a show! :)

and how about some ACCORD LOVEEEE ;)

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