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2011 Info from"Acura Style" Magazine

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Got this from DJMD from *********:
Acura fans familiar with the TSX will immediately notice the 2011 edition's new wheels, crisper front fascia (including a new grille and front-bumper design) and revised rear taillights. Two new exterior colors join the range as well: Gray Metallic and Silver Metallic. In its accommodating but businesslike cockpit, the base TSX adds new wood trim on the center console and, sure to please passengers riding in back, rear air-conditioning vents. The TSX with Technology Package includes even more, such as metal trim on the center console and a revised navigation system, as well as a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) that stores both navigation data and digital music files (the drive replaces the previous six-disc CD changer).​
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shouldve waited to get rear A/C vents :mecry:
Hard disc drive would have been nice too. I'm curious to see pics. My sister-in-law might be interested in a TSX, and I'd wait for the 2011's if I were her.
pretty sure the "revised grille" that theyre talking about looks like the one on the TSX Wagon.

<img src=""></img>
if thats what the 2011 looks like then im glad i got mine, i dont like that fogs or the bumper at all.........and i prefer my grille to tell you the truth
wow rear ac vents?! damnit! lol whers the pics man!
Pics ... kind of ...

These are pics of the rear vents & woodgrain in a foreign Honda Accord but I would wager that this is what the TSX is going to get:

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We want some exterior look, its pretty much the same thing, i dont see much has changed from the 2010 to 2011
+1 on exterior
The new front end is def different.

The rear ac vents though, I am really interested in being able to retrofit these to the 09 TSX, probably just channels that need to be installed....
agree. hope one of us will be able to retrofit them on their 09/10 model!
what do the wheels look like, you can just get a glimpse in that one pic above, they look to be a major improvement. The stock 17s are terrible now, I can't believe Acura would use something that looks so ridiculous.
"revised taillights"
I am betting 2011 is getting LED taillights, if that's the case then I'd be pretty damn pissed.
It never made sense to me why TSX (being an entry level luxury sedan) did not have LED taillights, while the likes of Civic and Camry have LED taillights........
/end rant
heh i hope they're LEDs. I would swap them out in a heart beat :)
hopefully they changed the foglights so they do not crack or break easy.
+1 on the led tails..even the accords of the same year (06-07) had led tails.

I was also disappointed that the tsx had no rear vents..
alirght. once the 2011 comes out us 09/10 guys have to do some major swaps!
As far as the tails & wheels i'll need to see them before i can cast judgement, but the rear AC vents = that i'm upset about!!!

grrrrr ~ hopefully we can put them in 09/10's
Thats great news, except the wood trim. I hope you can still have the black plastic or metallic.
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