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Hey guys. first time posting here!

OK, so I just purchased a 2011 TSX (6 speed) [MAN, are they hard to find...]. When I purchased it, it had a bad passenger side axle/intermediate shaft. I replaced both passenger side and driver side axles/intermediate shaft, just to be safe.

I took it into a local shop (a shop I trust), and they're saying that it has a small amount of play in the drivers side axle going into the trans. I watched the guy move it with his hands, and it does have play, but it's very slight.

I'm wondering what sort of "play" is acceptable, and what is not? Is it supposed to be rock solid, or should there be a small amount of play? My guess is, it should always be solid, but I haven't dealt with these types of issues before, so I need some advice.

Any other owners/mechanics out there have experience with this sort of thing?

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