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2012 tsx shuts off while driving

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All: My 2012 TSX with approximately 100,000 miles intermittently has electrical issues while driving. I have taken it to the service station where they ran diagnostics (and drove the car). however, the stall was not registered nor could they duplicate it. Sometimes the car turns completely off, while most of the time it's just a minor stall. Traditionally all the dashboard lights come on (eg, brake light, etc) for a moment prior to things returning as normal. On the couple of occasions the car completely shut down, I have to go in and reset the code to the radio. The battery is brand new and all the connections to the battery have been tightened. Thanks in advance for the help. I've read multiple posts regarding like issues. I have seen a couple of folks post that the cause was a loose ground wire to the fuse box. I'm not sure how to test/determine this. Thanks in advance.
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Sounds like the battery connector issue. Make sure both red and ground wires are in good shape and the connecting sites are clean.
Is it a v6? My pilot developed a leak from the spool valve where the dip stick is that lead to covering the alternator with oil. While driving all dash lights come on and shut off i cleaned the alt went away but came back cause oil started to cover it again i notice the spool valve leak changed gaskets and hasn't done it since.
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