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2G TSX keys

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So, when my wife bought our 09 TSX last year, we only got this one key that looks more like an Accord key without any logos in the back (Those 4 button key but not switchblade like Acuras). It is registered as driver 1.

We want to have one more key and want to swap it out to a switchblade key for the one we have now as well. Seems like we can pop the button part easy but unlike the accord key this aftermarket accord key lookalike does not have a screw to pop the key blade part out. So I guess I can buy a shell, transfer the key circuit and button part then cut the key.

Now, my biggest question is, does 2G tax have transponder chip embedded in the blade or the remote part?
Also, OEM keys are extremely expensive but I saw on eBay that they sell refurbished OEM keys (re-shelled but used the OEM remote part and new blade installed) for considerably cheaper. Would those be better than a new aftermarket one that does not use OEM remote part?

*In case, when I refer that remote part is the one with buttons, remote and circuit board thing. So, the actual key part minus the blade.
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