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2nd Gen FYI: CT-E supercharger is out

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CT Engineering is proud to announce the release of our supercharger kit for the 2009-2010 (part #350-039) model 4-cylinder TSX. This kit utilizes the popular MP62 supercharger unit mated with our custom cast and machined manifolds. This kit features a new tensioner design which maximizes belt wrap while allowing you to run your stock belt. Engine management is handled by Hondata’s Flashpro unit which is also available through CT Engineering. The kit in standard form generates 6 pounds of boost which is good for 45-50 wheel horsepower on the TSX. MSRP is $4690 with the Hondata Flashpro unit and $3995 without. Additional details can be found on the product page at or by calling (916) 635-4550.

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Supercharged TSX wagon :drool1:
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