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okay so almost a year ago I bought a piece of 3.5" inch aluminum pipe, 0.060" sidewall, and made an intake out of it. all I did was unhook my factory air box take off the elbow out of the bottom and used the stock intake tube coming of the throttle body with all the sensor adapters and tubing thru it. the piece of aluminum I have will slide right inside that plastic tubing (with a little force) and all you need is a clamp to go around it. I bought a pretty large sized k&n air filter off ebay with a 3.5 inch inlet, slid on top of the aluminum and voila short ram intake. I cut the pipe in half because I ordered it at 12 inches and I have the second half in my room still does anybody want it ?

I'm only looking for 10 bucks plus shipping so it shouldn't be much just thrown in a box. I would be open to trades and pay our own shipping.

anybody interested ?

I can bevel the edge on the pipe and I can take it to work and polish it make it look like chrome lol anything you want.

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