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I bought some 3000k hids for my fogs after my old ones burned out... I ordered them from eBay and my
Order hasnt shipped yet, but i was wondering -- is there a difference in the quality (lighting wise) if I buy the bulbs from the eBay dealer (which is shipping from Hong Kong) and from
a shop in the US? Because ive heard the quality from Hk is cheap.... Dont slam on me im new to this haha

I got the two h11 3000k hid fogs for $15 if that helps

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Yea depends on what company makes them, some aren't straight and make lighting look unever, and colors usually don't match good. I've got whole kits for $30 and u can get a set of bulbs for $8. I can even get the d2s bulbs in better colors that cheap and the guy I buy from is "gadgetmalls" on eBay if you wanna check his stuff out, he ships out of New England, and only takes a few days to ship.

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