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3M Vinyl Wrap... Where can I order from!?

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Hey guys, I'm planning on wrapping my TSX this spring when the snows gone... So I'm looking for the best site to order from. I'm looking for quality and a good price... Don't want to fork out too much but I always don't want crappy vinyl that will peal or damage my cars paint.

Any help would be appreciated!


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Ok I'll check those both out any idea how much it would cost for enough to wrap a TSX? Great if you want to buy a whole roll. You can get 3M or what I used before was Oracal to wrap a whole car. It's thicker and I found it worked awesome with the rapid air technology in the vinyl. Don't remember the cost but I think around 800 a roll and you can do like 2-3 cars with the roll.

I hear Oracal isn't that great? What's your opinion on that and how long has the car been wrapped for? Any pealing or anything gone wrong? Also I'm just trying to do 1 car just mine... I don't want anyone else in my city to have the same wrapped car as me lol.

So where is the cheapest/best quality wrap I can get for 1 car. I'm looking for blue chrome. I have checked online and the prices aren't too bad but I rather order from a site one of you guys have got their vinyl from just so I know what I am getting... I trust my TSXERS!
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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