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5th Annual San Diego Crown Point Meet [March 22nd, 2014]

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It that time of year guys! Time for the 5th Annual Crown Point Meet/BBQ/Potluck in San Diego, CA!

Location: 1794 Moorland Dr, San Diego, CA
Time: 10:00 AM
Potluck style. Please contribute something if you plan on grubbing

1. element360(Bryant) - Utensils, plates, and napkins +anything else we need.
2. Kevin (Kevin) - Donuts, Yellow (will add more)
3. cYn (Danny) - Pizza
4. Downshift (Ryan) - I'll bring a homemade dip of some sort
5. SLIKRIK (Rick) - sausage and ??
6. Carcrazy (Thomas) - Chicken
7. tsx&skate (Gus) - cooler,ice, ceviche?
8. SlickxAc ( Anthony) - either bunch of soda or chicken salad(if im not lazy)
9. jso0on (Jason) - water and either hot dogs and buns or carne asada and tortillas, someone bring the guac, pico, and sour cream!
10. itsnammy (Nam) - Hot dogs prolly or hamburgers (For all you meat lovers!)
11. Johnny.Ly (Johnny) - myself. (haven't decided what I'm going to bring yet, maybe fried rice)
12. kewlliljethro (jeff) dunno yet
13. lilaccordrider (Henry) - I'll bring a party tray of some sort.
14. Mayuga (Jay) - More Carne Asada, Guac, Pico, & Sour Cream
15. Mr Modulo (Mccoy) - TBD
16. lidobitesize (Andy Bui) - Soda Cans & Chips
17. Miggs (Miguel) - Grill (charcoal & lighter fluid) either chicken or hotdogs and hamburgers, sodas
18. iTheDanny (Danny) - TBA
19. Dcshoesboy (Chris) - Spam Musubi
20. Man-doooo (Mando) - some type of pasta or potato salad
21. tsx_usdm
22. IntegraGSR23 (Damon)
23. iakonafuji
24. jteeen
25. Ken7 (Ken) - Basketballs and RC's. hahaha... TBD

1. HairyMonkey019 - Lumpia
2. latino212
3. seductive1
4. CLStaggerd
5. CLStaggerd's Guest 07 TL
6. CLStaggerd's Guest 04 RL
7. paperboy42190
8. potmilkz
9. JG_YA1 - canopy and some homemade macaroni salad
10. AntSauce
11. Gatorx
12. SlaammedILX
13. tsxronald

1. lhuynh1210 (Long) - Chips/Soda
2. GodSpeed
3. xDu5ty
4. carcrazy
5. maffhew
6. andrewmc621

626 Caravan (Hosted by TSX Club)
Time: Meet at 7:30

Jamba Juice
3584 Rosemead Blvd Rosemead Place, CA 91770

Red is the routes you can take to get to the meet up. Blue is where we are going to meet up at.

Exit lake forest, make a right.

End location:
16171 lake forest dr. Irvine CA

Contact Me if you get lost or need an update on our location:

Andy 626-592-SevenZeroNineFour

Irvine-Best Buy Caravan (Hosted by TSX Club)
Location: 16171 Lake Forest Dr Irvine, CA 92618
Right in front of Best Buy
Time: Meet at 8:30. Leave at 9:00
Stop: Non-stop cruise to San Diego
Contact Danny if you have any problems (714) 584 - Five Zero Two Nine
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1. element360(Bryant) - Utensils, plates, and napkins +anything else we need.
2. Kevin (Kevin) - Donuts, Yellow (will add more)
3. cYn (Danny) - Pizza
4. Downshift (Ryan) - I'll bring a homemade dip of some sort
lol, all ryan and i did at asahi was argue about california rolls xD
What's a "California" roll?ddddddddd2
Make a trip. Danny, Damon, and I made that day trip awhile back, you guys should do the same :)
:werd: The more the merrier!
If my coilovers come in before then, I'll make the drive down from SF and meet you in LA before SD that weekend :)
I might be able to attend this, I'll be in LA for spring break.
Some OG's gunna join us? :eek: :)
I might have to revise what I'm bringing. The dip I make is only good when it's straight out of the oven. :\
Well guys, sorry the meet got rolled. Thanks to the mods for putting it together though. Not sure what we're gunna do next year. :\
1 - 6 of 94 Posts
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