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I've driven a number of manual transmission cars over the years but never owned one until now. A few people have watched me and commented that I tend to hold the shifter while driving.

Has anyone else been told not to hold onto the shifter while driving? Several people now tell me that if you do, you probably are damaging the synchros.

Even though you can't feel anything through the shifter (no vibrations) you are applying some pressure against the synchros and therefore wearing them prematurely.

They say the correct technique is to shift and move both hands onto the wheel. The only time you should handle the shifter is while shifting. Since some of them have taken advanced driving classes at Bondurant, I trust their opinions. But yet, I have never heard this before?

Others have said it depends on the manufacturer, if so does it apply to Hondas in general?

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Yes its true many people who drive with me keep telling me not to hold the shifter.. I have driven manual cars for a very long time never had any problems always hold the shifter..

But now I am trying to get used to just shift and get hand back on the wheel as it has been proven that people who dont hold the wheel with both hands have more chance of getting in to an accident then people holding the wheel with both hands.

Basically if you keep driving holding the shifter you might come to a problem in 3-5 years :D
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