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Hi, First time post!

I'm replacing transmission case on my 08 M/T and I have the transmission and the engine out together. The case is a 2 piece case, 1 piece for clutch and 1 piece for all the meat.

I'm replacing the gear housing and thinking Could i leave the clutch case still on the engine and remove the gear housing and then put it back without problem since its sideways because tranny and engine are together.


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You could but, the input shaft could come out of the clutch and than the disk will fall out of alignment. If that happens all hell will break loose when you start to drive the car again.

You already have the motor out of the car why would you cheap out like that :/. Do it right and youll only do it once ;)

Edit: Now that I think about it all the gears are going to fall out of the tranny if you do this, just pull the whole trans off.

check this link out:

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