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6th Annual Tail of the Dragon Meet!!

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First time announcing this on TSXClub. I thought it was fitting since I'm a new owner of a TSX. Come out for a great time!!

Last year was a great turnout. We even had a person from Texas! We had about 10 cars. Didn't surpass the attendance from the 4th annual run. It would be nice to have a bunch of TSXs running the dragon. But it seems hard enough just to get the meet together. So this is open to more than just TSXs. We try to keep it imports only. I'm posting this early so everyone that wants to take part can have enough time to make the necessary plans needed. Let's make this year bigger than any others!!

The Tail of the Dragon is a section of US 129 a public highway. In the 11miles deemed "Tail of the Dragon" there are 318 turns. We gather as do many other groups throughout the year to enjoy the drive. WE DO NOT TOLERATE ANY ILLEGAL ACTIVITY. You can expect to see locals and state police while out there. If they don’t catch you, we will gladly ask you to leave.

Date: Oct 19th, 2013
Time: 11a - Lunch, 12p - Run!
Where: Hooters Alcoa, Tn
Address: 1094 Hunters Crossing
Alcoa, Tn 37701

Tail of the Dragon


Facebook Event Page

Decals will be available for purchase. We are currently redesigning the decal. Details to come.

Please wash your car before meeting up with everyone. This really slowed everything down last year. Car washes near Hooters:

Video from last year's run

Last year...

4th Annual...
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51 views...hoping for some more interest. Come out for an awesome time.
I promise it's worth the drive. Curves, curves, and more curves. One of the best roads in the country. Plenty of photo opportunities and good times.
18 confirmed on the Facebook event page already!!! Numbers are looking good so far!!
We have two or three coming from around Dallas and Austin.
Facebook event page added to first page.
This video is from last year's run from the inside of my buddy's EM1. Enjoy!
If i was in Country, I'd be there. Maybe next year
Mos def!! We'll have photos and videos to share!!
It's late (way late) but here are a couple videos from our 6th Annual Dragon Run. I would love to see some of my new family members from this forum join us next year. The TSX loves curves!

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I would be down to do this next year for sure

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Great!! It'll most likely be in October. We will make the official announcement with plenty of notice for people to make the necessary accommodations.

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This would be awesome. I'll be looking forward to this!

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There wasn't any passengers this year so we were unable to get some rolling shots but below are a couple group shots.

There are photographers (small business owners) along the roadside that take several photos of every car that passes. They post them on their website if you would like to purchase them. Feel free to visit to see their work.
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