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7 years was past, Any TSXer from Vancouver BC wanna go Clubbing together?

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WanTing said:
clubbing sound good to me.. oh wait, vancouver ..... ummm kidda far... :p
Road trip ;) :D
larchmont said:
Sounds good to me too. :D
Sounds good to me!!!
Joker - who needs to stock up on some Molson Bubba's for his hockey team :D
dxorcist said:
yo what club you thinking of hitting up? im in vancouver =)
Who in BC is willing to send me a Bubba?
Joker - who will gladly pay ;)
Zigen said:
guys can't stay away from me...not worry about scaring them away...
With a statement like that, you have to post your pic now ;)
Zigen said:
sometime he is a she; sometime she is a he...
:eek: :laugh:
Zigen said:
228 - were u and your bf out tonight? i think i saw u guys by central square @ 8:30...(i was looking out the window from Tropica in aberdeen)
Yeah, change the subject ;)
SAZABI said:
ok, I am gonna hide now and go to bed. laterz
Good night Saz, and everyone else :D
Joker - who is also out
1 - 8 of 231 Posts
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