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8000k HID headlights or 6000K HID headlights

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Can anyone help me choose or tell me why I should or shouldn't buy one or the other.

The fog lights will be the same.
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6000k. more lumens = more visability
Looks nice on a black vehicle with blue led interior?
Has anyone had experience purchasing bulbs/kits from LumenExports (on eBay and has a website) or Xentech?
stick with 6k. the 8k does have a cool blue look but the difference of light output is quite noticeable
Both will give you more light output than halogens. So it's not like you can't see if you had 8kK. These will give you a very noticeable aftermarket look. They look good with the blue led interior swap.

6kK will give you better clarity compared to 8kK. It also gives a good crisp white look that distinguishes your lights as HID vs common halogen.

BOTH suck for wet weather clarity (6 performing better than 8). This is where OEM (4300K), and even better (3kK) work best.

I went with 6000K bulbs because I've moved on from blue accents. Also, police here are concerned about me having bluish lights.

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