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9 days, 900 miles later

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Well haha wow 900 miles just in 9 days. I feel proud. Im getting very good in shifting now too.. But heres some pics for you guyz!

TSX and neighbor's new accord

My old 4runner and TSX

Hehehe i look retarded... Hiring for an Import Model!

sorry guyz u dont get to see the address to my girl's house

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Great stuff justsomeboi, thanks for sharing!

Joker - who knew you'd learn how to drive manual in no time :thumbsup:
haha thanks joker! I gotta give mad props to Joker guyz especially for his help in the purchase of the TSX; advice and help for trying to get the price of it lower! Thanks man!

On other notes, Im considering a Clear Bra since I do drive/travell far on weekends. How noticeable is the line when it ends on the TSX with the CG? Anyone got pics?
justsomeboi said:
Thanks man!
Glad I could help :thumbsup:
looking great !
time to change the Navi splash screen :D
HAhaha/......... that's my dream... CG 6MT NAVI......too bad i only have a CG AT..:mercy:.... but nice car....haha...another CG

my neighbour has the same accord as your neighbour...park across from me as's like...seeing double!
i want a TSX. i want a TSX. i want a TSX. i want a TSX.
that's what i talk to myself everyday
Navi i want...
wonder if we can fit a 2005 into our 2004
2005 navi into a 2004?..... i don't think they do that dude~~

haha.... justsomeboi, you wanna trade a 05 CG AT for your ride? HAHAHAH~
haha thanks guyz. Im very glad I sticked with my decision to get 6MT. Ive been driving alot in traffic and all I can say... traffic doesnt bore me yet. And I guess im too young to get tired from it all =p maybe when im 30... 13 years into the future =D! haha. Damn I love stick shift.

Benz_05TSX: haha yeah pretty funny. It was funny the neighbor and I dont usually talk but one day i decided to go across the street and look at his accord. When i look back at my car I noticed he was doing the same. haha we didnt exchange words though, just wave. Feels like my neighborhood is moving towards isolationist ideals.

achca: I was in your spot a week ago... Dreaming, thinking, hoping for a tsx. Ive been eyeing the tsx a year and a half before I got it! (Before that it was an rsx-s but i realized coming from a 4runner, 2 door would be too small for me, insurance would skyrocket, and no navi which i really needed). But after all that tsx obsessing before i even had it, once i know it, im driving one everyday. Keep the hope up man, im sure you'll get one too!
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Joker said:
Great stuff justsomeboi, thanks for sharing!
I don't talk with my neighbour as well....but i don't have the guts to go over there.... maybe he might be interested in a swap....haha..ACRUA TSX emblems for his "H" Accord.....haha.... you should do the same......JDM~
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