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95a mounts are for real men! or people who ar numb to earthquakes

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Just thought i would post my experience with 95a innovate mounts. They are ridiculous when all three are installed, when only front and rear installed it's better but still ridiculous, with just the side mount it good but still alot of motor movement, and with just the front its perfect. With all three the car drove great and motor response putting power to the ground feels great but just not worth the teeth rattling. I kind of wasted money because i'm not using two of the mounts so maybe i can get them changed out for softer ones but im satisfied. Note to anyone thinking of going stiff beware
no joke they say for racing because thats what it does to the car, no good for daily.

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I had the 85A in mine and the car just feels more solid...but boy with the AC on and starting from a stop the entire dash will shake. I just had mine repressed with 65A, I just havent had time to swap them out again.
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