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Authentic UA5 Honda Inspire airbag removed from my car a while back. The airbag is black, but also works well with the blue-gray interior (which I had). This is a direct remove-and-replace for 2nd Gen TL's and CL's. This is specifically for the single-stage equipped 99-01's, but will also fit the 02-03 models.

There are absolutely ZERO cosmetic flaws on the airbag itself. The steering wheel has some scuff damage from windshield glass from when I totalled my car, but it is not bent and can still be used. Modified the JDM plastic rear cover to accept and use our factory cruise control unit, orignally they're only equipped with audio controls. The airbag can also be swapped into the factory USDM steering wheel with no modifications.

I've sold a few things on acura zine in the past, and 2nd Gen TL user "Phee" knows me well and has purchased from me also. Usernames are the same.

$150 shipped in the continental U.S. Thanks for looking.

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