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Whether you ride a gear or a large displacement motorbike, the following skills will ensure the safety for you when driving.

1. Practice riding a gear
New drivers often do not have experiences and skills of driving a digital motorcycle. Therefore, they need to practice driving before. You should choose a location where is spacious and a guide can help you to drive carefully.

2. A guide to driving a gear motorbike safety gear in Vietnam
When riding a motorbike for the first time, you should ask people who have experiences to adjust and remind of bad situations.
When starting a motorbike, go to gear 4 and start light throttle. Be careful to gas very slowly so that you do not be surprised by the speed of the motorbike. During the moving process, always put your right foot and brake.
Take a short test of a distance of 500m and conduct a test brake to get used to the brakes, pay attention that the brakes are slow and increase the force gradually, do not brake quickly or you will fall forward.
You should not use the front brake in unnecessary situations.
When you have run a motorcycle at level 4, proceed to increase the number and get acquainted. When you have to go smoothly, every time you start the engine, select 1 and the gear up. When going uphill, go to No. 2, when transporting goods or luggage, please go to No. 3 and when traveling alone, go to No. 4.


3. Always get attention when using a gear
For those who are new to digital motorcycles, always need to pay attention to each route they will go through, watch for traffic signals, absolutely do not pass the red light or jostle with other vehicles.
When driving at night, the driver must concentrate more due to limited visibility. At this time, the risk is increased because headlights are not enough to clearly see the obstacles in front…Therefore, you can see other vehicles by wearing brightly colored clothes, using your horn when you are out of sight.
When cornering, you must return to the accelerator, combine the brake pedal to make the exit easier, the motorbike will not lose its breath and fall. When exiting, you should accelerate and run normally. hopes these tips will be extremely helpful for new motorbike drivers. Wish you good luck on every journey.

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