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A15 service light.

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Hey guys. I just bought a 2011 tsx and the A15 service light is on and was wondering what that means. And there was also a incident where I was wondering and felt the transmission slip a lit then went back to normal. Does that mean I need to put some more transmission fluid in it or is it something more severe
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That's a service schedule reminder. You're due for the A15 service. It varies a little depending on your trim and transmission type. See here for what each service level specifies-

A tranny slip could be low fluid, mines a MT so I can't tell you how to check the level on this car but that should be in the maintenance manual.
A15 means change your motor oil and filters, change your antifreeze/coolant and rotate your tires.
The filters and coolants of each vehicle are different to match the volume and capacity of the car, so you should be more specific about the parameters, maybe we can help you.

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