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ABP Progression thread since the beginning

So i was pretty much bored and figured I compile a long list of all the darn crazy picture threads that i've ever made on tsx club...

You can get a great feel of the many mods i went through as well as whether or not i wanted to get a full body kit. Eventually I did.

I even had some of the ugly stages but its alright i still

ps... Damn the 10 img tag limit... ahah

cf grill on abp 10/12/06
carbonfiber grill on abp - Forums

Hoen h11 xenon match 11/02/06
hoen xenon match fogsbulbs - Forums

Accident 11/15/06
Poor ABP tsx - Forums

New ronjon servos 3/10/07
Kind of bashed up my old rj servos by hitting a covered curbed, got the rims replaced under insurance, and then got new rj from ron.
ronjons servos reborn - Forums

Sunday for an ABP in Buffalo 3/28/07
Sunny day in buffalo for an ABP - Forums

Visonary styles bbq 5/27/07
[PICS] BBQ at Alley Pond Park Oueens NY on Sunday May 27th at 12pm. [56K Beware] - Forums

Jun 9th mini meet 6/09/07
June 9th mini trio State lookout NJ PICS! - Forums

ABP Jdm lights 06/??/07
ABP jdm lights - Forums

Alley pond meet 06/15/07
Alley Pond meet 6/15/07 PIctures - Forums

Euro r rear lip finally added 06/20/07
Basically full monster body kit...
04-05 oem front lip
06-08 oem side skirts
04-05 euro r rear lip
Rear lip ADDED! - Forums

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ABP washed than random photo shoot 07/01/07

ABP summer 07 1tsx at a time 7/12/07

ABP + black caliphers 07/14/07

HIN NY 07/21/07

05 hondata at video 7/27/07

ABP + wax + Leds 08/14/07

RJ meet 08/19/07

Tein basics in after aspec suspension bent 1.2 inches all around 10/01/07
not so great pictures

Winters coming for this abp tein raised 10/28/07

ABP jdm tailights 11/13/07

2blue tsx + wrx 12/06/07 updated from 09/16/07

abp winter 40 degreess 12/08/07 winter mode

March 9th tsx meet freezing meet

Spring time for ABP 03/08/08

90k abp pictures 04/16/08

abp + d300 + rain 05/07/08

diy chrome grill painted

abp 05 vs cgp 05 05/20/08

1tl 1tc 2 tsx night shots 5/28/08

Jersey shore meet 5/31/08

abp+ mephisrheins 06/03/08

evil demos little meet up 06/07/08

abp + jcbebechulo ronjon servo rims 06//22/08

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Bald hill meet/ carshow july 16th

July 15th Bald hill meet/ carshow - Forums

July 17th
DIY vsa/moonroof/heater/gear shift lights
VSA/Moonroof/Seat Heater/Gear Shift Lights Replacement - Forums

mini tsx meet july 7th

Abp summer 08

cccolticehockey tsx debut in rochester

abp 100,000 miles

hid 3000k

winter cross over

long exposure inside

abp winter ny snow fall

abp headlight baking and fog repair diy

Mini abp toy

ABP freezing winter

Mini march 8th tsx meet

Abp + abp tl


Abp night shots more strobing

Abp spring strobing

ABP Spring


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lol, damn my garage was a mess when we painted your brakes

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Nice collage of threads/pictures. Looking good.

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06 are flared, the 04 are round.
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