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ABS sensor replacement issues

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So I recently had my ABS / VSA / Triangle lights come on. I read the codes using the diy method I found on the forum, cleared the codes and reset the VSA neutral position. The lights would go out for a while then come right back. I had several different codes due to them never being cleared before but after I cleared them the only code that came back was 11, right front wheel speed sensor and code 84 for VSA neutral position came back after some time also.

So heres the problem I would like to share in case anyone else is researching how to do this. I purchased a new sensor from Autozone, which looked just like oem and was $20 cheaper. I began my install this afternoon which quickly turned bad. being an 04 TSX, the small 6mm bolt was rusty and seized. It broke with very little pressure from a 1/4" ratchet. So I moved on trying to get the sensor itself out. It was also seized and quickly broke off flush with the hub. So I began drilling, which is hard due to it being so close to the brake dust shield. I used small screw drivers and a lot of pb blaster and a hammer to chisel out the plastic pieces (very careful to avoid damaging whatever is inside).

So once the sensor pieces are out, you now have to remove corrosion so the new sensor will slide in, again without damaging the internal parts that the sensor reads. The new sensor is a tight fit regardless.

So with the new sensor pressed in, i checked the codes and everything seems to be cleared... partial success. Now I need advice on the best method to remove that broken 6mm bolt. I can actually get to the bolt with a drill and i tried several different ways to get it out with no luck (pilot hold drilled). Its sunday night now, so i couldn't run to the store for an easy out set or heli-coil. Has anyone had any luck with the easy out sets on bolts this small and rusty?

Thanks for listening to my rant, but this was all information that I wish I had prior to starting what I expected to be a quick swap. Hopefully this helps and i'll take some pictures if anyone is interested.
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