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Hello guys,

Hope I am posting in the right place.

I have a 2006 TSX, for a week.
But today while braking, from 40 to a stop on a left right curve, the display showed "Check ABS" and "Check VSA".

I have looked up on the forum that:
- ABS problem will trigger the VSA.
- So I proceed to get the DTC code by jumping pin 4 & 9 on the OBDII connector.

I get this on the screen
SCS Service:
PA 50 (not sure if it was PA but it is 2 letters)
DTC B1177

Any idea what should I check out?
I read that it could be a battery problem? Am I pointing at the right direction?

My bad, I am looking at the wrong thing,
So I looked at the ABS lights blinking
1-3 Left Front Open/Short Circuit?
6-1 Ignition Voltage?

Is there a way to reset the system / clear the DTC codes without a tool?

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