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What is the best way of cleaning up the smell from the AC vents? I’ve changed the cabin filter, so that should be good to go. What is the most effective way to making sure that there is no odor coming from AC vents?

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Cleaning Air Conditioning Units

Cleaning your ventilating unit is one conceivable approach to dispense with the smelly odor from your ventilation work.

To clean the condenser loops and gathering dish, you'll require an answer of 10% fade water. This is sufficient to execute off the mold without doing any harm to the loop framework.

Most focal air units have an entrance board on the back. Take this off to uncover the metal balances before the condenser loops.

Utilizing your vacuum with the connection brush, suck up any free clean or flotsam and jetsam from the balances and curls. Now, you can likewise rectify any twisted blades with a level head screwdriver or a balance brush, which can be bought at most apparatus stores. Evacuate the blades — they will be hung on with four to eight hex screws. Presently splash the detergent arrangement on the curls and wipe them down. Haul out the accumulation skillet and wipe it down also.
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