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I had to take off a perfectly good set of Pirellis when I changed out my standard wheels.
I was on a budget and couldn't afford $800 - a grand on new tyres, so I did some research and found largely positive feedback on lots of forums about the above tyres.
They're made in Indonesia and cost just over $400 a set fitted.

I fitted 17x235 45's. (the old set up was 16x 205 50, so they're going to feel different)

I thought I'd give impressions on these as they're an unknown to me and I've been a 'name brand' tyre user forever.

On fitting, they balanced up well, with little weight needed to be added.

The ride quality is very good. they feel smooth and are very quiet. It made me realise just how noisy the Perellis were.

The grip in the dry seems very good, and the directional stability is good too but there is a lot more rubber on the road.
The steering feels very precise, moreso than the previous set up.

In the wet, the grip feels fine, although I haven't reached their limits (just feeling this out). Water dispersion also seems good. No hint of aquaplaning yet.
They do feel like the directional stability (staying in a straight line) wanders a little in the wet, but this can just be down to a wider tyre.

They also have a sizeable rim protector moulded into the sidewall, which is nice.

It doesn't snow here, but there are reports that these are not a good snow tyre.

So far, I have to say that the positive feedback on the webz looks well founded.
I haven't found the limits of the tyre in pretty hard cornering, but I don't track my car. Having said that, the place I bought the tyres from has a race car that uses these tyres.
The tyres have a 400 wear rating, which is good, but time will tell.

I'll try to keep this review going as the tyres wear.

For under $400 pre fitted, so far I'm impressed.


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I have these too on my VSXX and love them. People rave about them as the best budget tire on the market that even compares to some of the name brand models others swear by.

I can't complain about them, have beaten any other tire i've ran Their 400 tread wear is a great plus as well

Only problem is trying t find 215/40/18 at the moment since they are on an international backorder!
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