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Acura OEM All-Weather Floor Mats vs WeatherTech Floor Liners

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Hey guys I've been looking at floor mats for my New Acura TSX and I was debating whether spending an extra 100 bucks on the WeatherTech Floor Liners was worth it. I understand they line the sides and all but are the All-Weather Floor Mats (with the TSX logo) just fine.

Some things to keep in mind. I have a black on black TSX and I live in Central Jersey where I get all weather but not too much or too little of it.

If you know of any deals for either post the link and let me know your advice. Thank you!
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Get the liners... hands down... can't be beat for the peice of mind. Any vehicle I own or my family owns, we put them in it if they're offered. My '06 TSX doesn't have them because they're not offered. The OEM all-season mats work great and all... but still don't perform like the weathertech liners...

Only thing I like better about the OEM all season mats is there texture. The weathertech liners have a coarse texture that is tought to get completely clean. The OEM all season mats are smooth and can be easily wiped clean, quickly
So you think it would be worth going for the liners. Im asking because I really don't get into any mud and the dirtiest my shoes or anyones can get is really snow.

Did you get any deals on them?
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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