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Alight guys,
Here are the pictures from the Acura of Lynnwood Car show on 8/26/12. First there is the pre meet for the TSX's at ash way park & ride, the car show, and the meet after the car show at Mercer Island.

Owners of the TSX's:
TSX CGP with TSW rims: kdisjubjub (aka Khalil/me)
TSX CGP with badges and rims: TSXPERT (aka RT)
TSX CGP with stock rims : illestpnoy (aka Anthany)
TSX RBP with mugen body kits: Undefined.Tae (aka Tae)
TSX PWP with red honda logo on rims: AZN.M3NACE
TSX MR with only red TSX there: huffsavagetsx (aka Jacob)
TSX CBP with Oregon licence plate: Hoodie_Ninja (aka Chris)
I know I missed some, please let me know who I missed. Sorry

and the pictures...

Pre Meet @ Ash Way park & ride:

Undefined.Tae (aka Tae):

huffsavagetsx (aka Jacob)

The Air Fresheners add horsepower!


kdisjubjub (aka Khalil/me)

All together


Acura of Lynnwood Car Show

More in next post!

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More pictures at the car show

Gard dog protecting the cars

Rolling out


Meet after the car show at Mercer Island

Last set of pictures in last post

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Last set

Last set of pictures at Mercer Island

This was a great turn out! Thanks for everybody who showed up!

Special thanks goes out to TSXPERT (aka RT) for setting up the pre meet and getting the spots for us!


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Meet was fun! Best turn out all year. Thanks to everyone for their support! Glad everyone had a good time. Sorry I didnt go get on the dyno you guys haha. Mercer island cruise was hella fun! Next time we'll try and get more out for this or cruise somewhere else. Nice pictures Khalil. If anyone else took some: post em up!

CGP on work: Shza
Pwp on works: Menace.teg
Blue TL: Miguel off AZine.
Sorry we didn't have Aznmenace there. Wrong TSX Khalil.

See you guys soon. Check out the NW thread for more info on shows or mini meets. P

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Nice cars :)
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