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I may have overlooked it, but if not I have the full 2004 service manual I'd like to share here with everyone.

It's all in PDF. They are not page scans typical to many manuals you find online, but fully search-able pages divided into 12 main sections, with multiple subsections. This allows for finding what you need much easier than a single 1000+ Page PDF file.

I've used it multiple times for my 06MT, and it can be used with very few exceptions for all all first gens; only minor things are different for the most part.

It's 252MB and in zip format. It may already be somewhere on here, but I couldn't find it. I've had it for quite a long time, and have no idea where or when I got it. Just need a host for it, if the Admins/Mods are interested /willing.
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