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I bought my 05 TSX new after totally my Civic. From my experience with my Civic, I know you're suppose to replace the water pump and timing belt at 100k. I went through the TSX owner's manual and it didn't say when to replace the items. I understand the TSX has a timing chain instead of a belt, so that doesn't need to be replaced, right? What about the water pump.

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There does not appear to be any maintenance interval for the Timing Chain and Water Pump in the service manual.

To inspect the water pump though, here's the steps:

Water Pump Inspection:
1. Remove the drive belt
2. Turn the water pump pulley counterclockwise. Check that it turns freely. If it doesn't turn smoothly, replace the water pump.
Note: When you check the water pump pulley, you may see a small amount of "weeping" from the bleed holes. This is normal.
3. Install the drive belt.
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