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Advics Acura RL Calipers

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Hey Fellas
Have a set of RL calipers, was going to do the big brake kit upgrade, but my plans have changed.

Price is 260$ Shipped

i know they are not that pretty to eye, ive been working alot with no spare time.. but these things can really pop with some tlc
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whats needed to run these again? bracket, 350z calibers? interested... need more info though
more info...

maybe i'll take em off your hands
i drive an accord 07 sedan (not tsx) but our brakes use the same parts, what you need to make these work are

1). A set of custom brackets (made by "NVA-AV6" on, i sent him a pm on the cost and time needed to fab the bracket. will update when he pm's me back)

2). 05+ Acura RL brake pads (oem(advics) or EBC)

3). 03+ Nissan 350z/g35 brembo option rotors (NVA-AV6 said to use 05 350z rotors), the brackets he makes will work with up to 14" rotors. 350z are 12.688 rotors. for comparison stock accord rotors are 11.1"

4). Honda Dot3 Brake Fluid (obviously gonna need to bleed the brakes)

and heres a helpful post on from a member from here tsxclub
Acura RL "ADVICS" 4 piston calipers & custom bracket! BBK!! - V6 Forums

and heres a complete "how to" with pictures
How To: RL advics front brake installation on 7th gen - V6 Forums
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These were the best mod for my tsx! Glws
No they are $50 for the set from autozone

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do it!! 240 shipped to anywhere in us today, 8/1/12
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