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AEM Cold Air Intake?

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Hey so I just bought an automatic 06 TSX couple weeks ago. Haven't done anything to it yet performance-wise. I have a AEM Cold Air Intake, not sure whether or not I should put it in or not... Any suggestions?
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congrats on your tsx, i would definitely put the cold air intake in, you will feel the difference i can guarantee it, it will also make your car sound much better. just make sure it fits!
I would go with a different style intake, unless you rev into the higher rpm range a lot. That's where the power is going to be, with a little loss in the lower range.

You can get the Comptech Icebox, which will give a little power in the mid range, or opt for the free solution and just remove your intake resonator and install a high-flow drop-in filter.

It all depends on how you drive IMO.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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