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Info I need. Can anyone tell me where I can find the 20 pin amp output plug in Male and female?

I know a lot of user are looking for ways to bypass there factory amp but I decided to take a different approach. I said to myself why dont I use the factory amp outputs as a signal to a signal processor. I have seen some aftermarket processors units that does this but they all seem to have their own controller and I want everything to work from the factory head unit( Fade, bal, ect ect).


So one night while browsing the Kicker website for subs I happen to take a look at their signal processors and came across the ZXSUM8. I take a look at the zxsum8 and said "BINGO"! The zxsum8 cam handle 4 pair of high level inputs (up to 40volts) which is exactly what we need for 8 speaker system.

ZXSUM8 manual ZXSUM8 RevC.pdf

The zxsum8 has the following:
Channel 1 input = Twter input (a1,a11 and a4,a14 from amp out)
Channel 2 input = Mid input (a2,a12 and a3,a13 from amp out)
Channel 3 input = Mid input (a7,a17 and a8,a18 from amp out)
Channel 4 input = Sub input (a5,a15 and a6,a16 from amp out)

The beauty of the zxsum8 is that you can pair channels 2 and 3 with channel 1.

Zxsum8 RCA outputs
Channel 1 = Tweeter only
Channel 2 = Mid but can be paired with channel 1 to add tweeter
Channel 3 = Mid but can be paired with channel 1 to add tweeter
Channel 4 = Subwoofer output

Amps will be run as followed
Channel 2 and 3 Rca (Paired to channel 1) output to 4 channel amp. You will need to run a cross over to separate the tweeter signal from the full range before running the speaker signals back to the factory plug. Doing this will give you 6 speaker outputs to run to the tweeters in the dash, mids in the front doors and you can run a 2 way speaker in the rear doors.

Channel 4 Rca will run to sub amp. You will not run a signal back to the rear deck speakers because you will not have a need for them. Just leave the rear deck speakers as is.

This would give was all the factory comforts and controls but with a system that we really enjoyed.

The only thing we would need to make is a harness that goes between the output of the factory amp (male) and the 20 pin plug (female).

I hope I didnt confuse anyone but if I did just take a look at the manual for the zxsum8 and you will be able to visualize what I am talking about. Hope everyone finds this informative and I hope I we find where to get the plugs need to make the amp harness.
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