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What do you guys think about this ....



= Exactly what I want, and then some!

This system, if it works as advertises, would give me:

1. Navi with 3-d "birds-eye" or "driver's view"
2. TV-tuner & ability to play DVD disks directly
3. Direct - not FM-modulated - Sirius sat. radio (no extra panel or anything needed)

If I understand all this correctly, the screen/receiver/dvd replaces the factory radio, the navi goes in the trunk with the Sirius tuner...

The MSLP for all these toys looks like $4900, but it seems like it could be had for closer to $3000.

So, $1k more than the factory nav. Hmm... I may be going to tweeter tomorrow to see what this all really looks like

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