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I have a lot of time on my hands... soooo

Decided to finally post a thread of mine, PWP 6spd non-navi.
Been through a lot with this car. Bought her cheap because the previous owner didn't have money to replace the clutch. After I replaced the clutch I literally learned to drive stick with her (I had the gist of manual transmission driving down, she helped me fine tune it). It was a bit hard, considering TSXs don't have the most forgiving of clutch engagement. I have a weird "thing", where I name all my prized belongings Russian names, considering how electrified this car made me feel, I named her Tesla (ie: my Proto matrix paintball gun was named Natascha, my old civic was named Svetlana).

Love and hate relationship turning into all love. There were a lot of little problems here and there that made me dislike Tesla. Like driving to work then suddenly not being able to press my clutch pedal. Replacing and reinforcing the clutch pedal bracket. Looking through every little hose to find my coolant fluid leak. Replacing door locks actuators, and having that third gear crunch/grind/scrape. After a year or so of having this car, replacing all the little things, it turned to all love. With that said, I don't think I'd ever sell this thing, even though I'm considering buying an s2000 right now. I'd hand it down to family, but that's about it. Guess I better save up for a rebuild to keep her going.

Started off with this

Then came F&F coilovers and some rotas

Bought some vsxx, repainted bumper for a VIS euro r lip

Being the prissy pants detail oriented person I am, I didn't like the euro r rep's fitment... so I bought an A-spec lip

and this is her right now, sitting under the shade. I was playing with a new camera and some filters on the internet, so I hope you don't mind

what's on it:
F&F type 1
Work VSXX w/ genuine gold rivets
neochrome lugs
Skunk 2 weighted knob
Aspec front lip
Blacked grill
CF vinyl wrap on roof
HIC roof visor
genuine tsx hood bra
ebay m3 trunk lip

What's laying around (in progress):
vis euro r sideskirts
vis euro r rear lip
3000k HID fogs

What's coming:
Window visors
?????bigger vsxx barrels?????

I'm actually thinking of removing the rear roof visor, with all the little accessories I have I feel it makes her more "accessorized" or "flashy" of a feel instead of simply "clean". I plan to add some window visors soon because rainy season is coming, I'm not sure how it'd flow with the rear visor. Either that or I take off the hood bra?

Let me know what you guys think? thanks!

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I use HTspech's, fine tuned for the TSX and bolts right on. I know the F&F on ebay and a couple other places require some grinding.
This is not true. They are all the same, HTspec just have different valving. Please don't spread incorrect information if you are not sure about something.

Other than that, car looks good!

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I'm sorry, perhaps you are right. However I was sure of my information thanks to this review thread here -> click.

In this thread Mayuga explains,
"The original Function & Form Type 1 & Type 2's had a fitment issue because they were made for Accords and certain adjustments were needed to make the coilover fit (Grinding). This has been eliminated by Marcus & it has been made to fit the TSX without adjusting or grinding anything."

When the F&F were on I payed no attention to the company after that. If they (F&F) recently revised their coilovers for the TSX so as to not require grinding then I have found my error.

Eitherway I appreciate your feedback!

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Sell me the hood bra!
I will see my dear friend, I am 40/60 (keeping/selling)

you lie bra, the hood still on in the pic bra

jk looks clean. :)

is it me or does the front driver side rim/wheel look off center?
Yea it looks off center because they're 17, not 18. doesn't help that I have them that low either. I might get 18" barrels soon anyway.
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